Tips for Picking the Right Colors for Painting

Experts say that color, whether it is architectural or found in products, accounts for 60% of why we respond a certain way to a place or object. Color psychology refers to the study of this phenomenon and why we find one place appealing or another uneasy because of color. For most of the world, the importance of color is underestimated, even though we respond to it everywhere we go. One of the only times that you may truly stop and think about color is when trying to decide what colors to paint or repaint your home. If you are trying to pick the perfect color for your house, then consider these helpful tips for painting in Katy, TX.
Start Off Small

When picking paint colors, it’s important to start small. If you are repainting the home you already have, then avoid picking one paint color for your entire house right away. Instead, pick a bathroom or a small entryway or hallway to paint. This can be an effective way to try out a paint color without spending a fortune on supplies and too much time on a color you might not even like. By picking a space that’s easy and quick to paint, you will be much happier with the outcome. You will either love the color and decide to use it in larger rooms, or you will cut your losses and pick a different color without feeling guilty for spending so much time and money. You can pick a color from your favorite piece of art, a rug, a dish, an accessory, or a piece of furniture.

Setting the Mood

When you are selecting a color, it’s also important to consider the mood of a room. In a bedroom, for instance, you have to decide if you want the feeling to be dramatic and intimate or soothing and restful. Cool, soft colors and neutrals tend to set a quieter mood while bold, strong colors create drama. In a dining-room area, you might consider whether you want the room to feel formal and quiet or sociable and stimulating of conversation. Experts recommend that you be especially careful when selecting paint colors for bedrooms, especially for children. You can create an active, exciting energy for a room, or you can make it seem orderly and restful just based on the color of paint. So, make sure you choose wisely.

Lighting Matters

There is a reason why stores have a light box where you can test paint chips. Lighting matters! Did you know that natural daylight shows a paint’s truest color? Fluorescent lights tend to cast a sharp blue tone, while incandescent lights bring out yellows and warm tones. Therefore, you might want to avoid really strong colors next to a big window. You could, however, use this color for an accent wall that gets indirect sunlight.

Learning Color Terms

When you are stressed about picking paint colors, the last thing you want is an educational lesson. But, did you know that learning the color terms can greatly help you pick the right paint? First, you should know that the hue is what we refer to as a color. For instance, pink is the hue. The hue’s value is how dark or light it is. How dominant the hue is is the saturation. For instance, as you go from red to pink on the spectrum, the hue becomes less dominant. A color’s brilliance is its intensity. Pure colors like blue are more intense than combined colors such as yellow-green. What does all of this mean? Well, if you want to create an active space, then you might want to use a stronger, more intense color. When painting in Katy, TX, learning color terms can help you know how to properly put together the right colors for the mood you hope to invoke in your home.